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"Реплейсер женских тел Type 4" для SFW / TYPE4 Body and Armors 2.d + Fixes

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Пожалуй лучший на текущий момент реплейсер женских тел! Не имеющий видимого шва на шее, и с множеством исправлений рук и верхней части тела.

Полная адаптация игровой одежды.



Единственный реплейсер на базе Type3, лишенный проблем со швом на шее.
Исправлены руки и верхняя часть тела в целом.
Полная замена брони и одежды для игры и дополнений.
Опциональным файлом доступно несколько новых рас для ГГ.
Также к раздаче приложены:
- T4_vanilla-style-armors - комплект альтернативной, приближенной к оригиналу одежды для рейдерской, кожаной брони, комбинезонов, одежды из шкуры брамина и пыльника шерифа.
- More Modest T4, слишком откровенные модели брони на приближенные к оригиналу варианты. Это касается и самого тела.


Скопировать содержимое архива в папку Data директории игры Fallout SFW, ответив "Да" при появлении вопроса о замене файлов, а затем активировать плагин через Fomm или другой менеджер списка загрузки.
T4 - Main - основной мод.
T4 - Extra Races - новые расы.
T4_vanilla-style-armors - опциональный файл, приближающий некоторую броню к ванили.
More Modest T4 - еще один опциональный файл, приближающий еще больше брони к ванили.
Спасибо автору junkacc11 за этот прекрасный реплейсер и любезное разрешение на публикацию здесь перевода! 
VAULTRENEGADE - за фиксы брони.

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Что нового в версии 2.d + Fixes   Просмотр изменений


Вшито обновление 2.d.


2.d = Fix texture mistakes... also, Nexus SUX
Moved NV Redesigned 2 stuff --> https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/68424
boomer01: Reshaped. Fixed alphaproperty. Fixed gap in collar. Thickened legs
boomer02: Fixed alphaproperty
robcojumpsuit: Fixed see-through sleeve
raiderarmor03: Fixed the raider's ammo belt distortions (as much as possible)
raiderarmor04: Reduced the polys of bellybutton piercing
chinesestealthsuit: Fixed gloves button thingies distorting. Added wire to pipboyon
mark1,2combatf: M1. Changed shape of waist and pauldrons; M2. Cleaned up rings and straps
prosfemale01: Removed stencilproperty from Upperbody:harness for better performance
prosfemale02: Added frills to arms and waist. Fixed see-through armpits
prosfemale03: Fixed see-through inside-collar. Reduced the polys of piercings
legion armors: Fixed skirt clipping with legs and braids clipping with skirt
sierra Power Armor: Changed how the kneecaps move. Reduced lights intensity. Fixed bear weights
vivavegas: Fixed skirt clipping (as much as possible)
tenpenny: Remade from scratch to look very dashing. Fixed all the weight problems and gaps found in vanilla
reverted some texture changes made in 2.b, 2.c
oldfemale\headhuman_n: Neckseam area changed
female\headhumanold, oldfemale\headhuman: Fixed nostril misalignment on textures
ghoulfemale: Added nipples and vagina and changed arms on upperbodyfemale texture
Version 2.b
2.b, 2.c = Due to texture mistakes, all changes in these releases were rolled forward into 2.d
Version 2.a
2.a = Incorporating cut FO3 texture features into FNV
Fallout 3 version: Added --> https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/24677
T4 - Extra Races: Spun off into its own mod --> https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/72288
YUP support bumped up to v12.1
femaleupperbody, lingerie, underwear, lucassims: Fixed wrong meatcap position
vaultscientist and arcadesdoctor_f: Fixed misaligned vertex on boots. Also fixed clipping at the back
sierra Power Armor: Fixed wrong female armor record
BnB femaleupperbody: Fixed wrong meatcap position
female Textures: Remade
female/headhumanold Textures: Added
oldFemale Textures: Added
ghoulfemale Textures: Remade
raiderfemale Textures: Remade, courtesy zzjay's resources
chinesecommando: Removed
colonelautumn/outfit: Removed
oasisvillager and oasisdruid: Removed
Version 1.9z
1.9z = Filling the gaps
T4 support for BnB (pending Fallout2AM)
Fallout The Frontier: Support for The Frontier @ https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70881
childfemale: Made neck and hand vertex normals seamless
female version of Sierra Power Armor: Added
female versions of Lanius armor and nvdlc04legatecustom: Added
chargen birthskirt: Added
arcadesdoctorgenf: Added
vaultscientist and arcadesdoctor_f: Remade from scratch
wastelandsettler03: Remade from scratch
ncr_civ01, 02, and 03: Cleaned up and improved
vivavegas: Fixed weird weight at blazer hem
memphiskid: shoulders and shoes slightly enlargened
Reinforced Metal and Gecko-backed Reinforced Metal armors: Fixed clipping on waist
bosunderarmor and nvdlc03underarmor: Fixed deformed bolts
markedmen_lg_f : Fixed reversed normals on boot. Also cleaned up breastplate and keyring
markedmen_legate: Changed weights on pauldron support thingies. Also fixed the normals that somehow went haywire
wastelandclothing04 and 06: Fixed clipping around shoulders and collars
ncr_gambler_f03: Fixed nodraw at back of collar
NCR Trooper outfits: Fixed clipping at front and back of skirts
NCR Trooper MP and NCR Trooper Plain: Fixed clipping at front of neck, also added headplugs to the outfits
legion armors: Combined various pieces into larger meshes for better performance
spacesuit: Reworked weights on left arm
lingerie: Fixed clipping of the back
powdergang03: Added the right chest button back
Incorporated changes from YUP v12.0
HH gecko armors: Armor records added to esp. The meshes and textures were already present, I forgot to add them to the esp doh!
Version 1.9x
1.9x = Squashing the uglies
= MAIN =
lingerie: converted T6m to T4
nvdlc01 stealthsuit: converted T6m to T4
nvdlc03 stealthsuit: converted T6m to T4
chinese stealthsuit: Removed clipping with helmet, aligned glove cord, and put a headplug for people who want to use it helmetless
nvdlc04 markedman_lg: Tidied up and improved
nvdlc04 markedman_ncr: Tidied up and improved
nvdlc04 markedman_legate: Tidied up and improved
nvdlc03 ghosthoodless: Tidied up and improved
pimpboy3billion: Added
pipboy3000: Fixed a discoloration issue on rim
dr. Li: Fixed wrong flag that caused the legs to not get recognized as "skin"
dogtag H2H: Fixed wrong partitions
powdergang03: Fixed misaligned centerline and tidied up
powdergang02,03: Fixed UV of sleeves and made more room for the wrists inside the sleeves.
1950stylesuit: Fixed collar clipping when head moves side to side
kings: Fixed pipboyoff transparency issue
memphiskid: Fixed oversized shoulders to make them smaller
Removed superfluous records in the esp
Fixed wrong texture path for Lobotomite female head
Renamed Honest Hearts female textures to something less confusing
Remade raiderfemale textures to be more vanilla-like. Old version now in "Alternative Textures"
Made armor record changes in-line with the latest YUP

Version 1.9w
1.9w = Fixing last bugs + Improvements
= MAIN =
Added optional hairy textures for human and raider races
Added nvdlc04 markedmen ranger gloves. Also fixed clipping around waist of markedmen ranger
Added unisex spacesuit gloves with fixed weights and pipboyon/off
Changed shape of spacesuit for better symmetry and feminimity
Changed shape of bosunderarmor again
Changed shape of nvranger pipboyon, it was too narrow. Also fixed nvranger pipboyoff's normals facing the wrong way
Changed shape of mark2combat again, it finally looks good
Removed stencilproperties from arms of mark1, mark2combat
Fixed gap between arm and torso on mark1combat
Fixed weights between arm and torso on mark2combat
Improved the see-through hole on the left sleeve on all legion armors. The background is no longer visible through them
Fixed weights on breast pads of all legion armors
Tidied up shape of centurion and made the underarm strap double sided
Fixed gap around neck on nvdlc03deadmansjumpsuit
Reweighed parts of straps on mark2leather and gecko-mark2leather
Rearranged and renamed meshes in enclavescientist to remove clipping with the enhanced camera mod
Fixed misaligned left glove of antagonist
All filestamps set far into the future (2037-38) on the theory that that could help archiveinvalidation


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Если уже установлен Type 6 от Izumiko, не вызовет ли установка 4-того конфликтов с одеждой/бронёй? 

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1 час назад, Вуди74 сказал:

Если уже установлен Type 6 от Izumiko, не вызовет ли установка 4-того конфликтов с одеждой/бронёй? 

В этом моде переработана вся стандартная броня, т.е. после установки она будет уже новой.

Что касается брони из модов под T6, то визуально она не изменится, т.е. сохранит пропорции T6, и шов на шее, скорее всего, останется, как было в T6.

Главное не забудьте отключить плагин T6, если подключен.

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Ну, почему-то не работает, поломанные тела в итоге. Что странно, type6 меши и текстуры для рейдеров работают корректно. 

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2 часа назад, 70065 сказал:

Ну, почему-то не работает, поломанные тела в итоге. Что странно, type6 меши и текстуры для рейдеров работают корректно. 

Беру слова назад. Почему-то слетела валидация, сам мод - хорош.

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В 30.10.2019 в 23:44, 70065DAHL сказал:

Беру слова назад. Почему-то слетела валидация, сам мод - хорош.

Привет. Разобрался почему слетела валидация? У меня тоже такая трабла, не знаю что делать... никак не исправляется.

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