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"Естественная погода пустыни" для SFW / Desert Natural Weathers - SFW 5.9.9

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Новый потрясающий погодный мод, использующий все современные новинки моддинга NV. Полная поддержка SFW.

Полная переработка погоды в Нью-Вегасе с 360 панорамными текстурами облаков, улучшенным освещением и поддержкой DLC.





- 360 статичных панорамных текстур облаков и высококачественные подвижные облака для многих вариантов погоды.
- Погода может быть отключена через SHIFT + DELETE в игре или через INI, дни и ночи можно скорректировать.
- Полная поддержка SFW и DLC, сохраняющая и улучшающая художественный стиль каждого дополнения.
- Поддержка региональных погодных эффектов для Мохаве и DLC.
- Дождливые варианты погоды с качественными звуковыми эффектами (можно отключить).
- Снижает ослепляющую интенсивность сеток эффектов, в основном связанных с освещением.


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Распаковать содержимое архива в папку Data, подключить плагин в FOMM.





  • Heat Haze: совместимо, требует ShowOff NVSE
  • Dusty Distance Redone: совместимо, но при некоторой погоде будет выглядеть неуместно.
  • The Frontier должен быть совместим, но удалите меш облаков из meshes/sky если будет ошибка. Меш используется тот же самый.


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clayvn - за отличный мод и любезное разрешение!

optica - за тестирование адаптации!



Original Mod's Page

    Чтобы скачать файл, создайте аккаунт или авторизуйтесь.

Что нового в версии 5.9.9   Просмотр изменений


Огромное кол-во изменений с 4.3 U1

  • Version 5.9.9

    • Removed edits to vanilla lights and interior lighting templates for better compatibility with interior overhauls such as Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks
    • As per WallSoGB's suggestion: heavy overcast / rain weathers won't appear on a new game for 4-5 days so when you exit Doc Mitchell's House or Vault 101 you aren't hit with immediate rain or darkness
    • Fixed the vanilla ambient music for Honest Hearts (as seen in Altitude and Essential DLC Enhancements Merged) - I had integrated this in version 5.8, but I had missed it in one region
    • Moved most of the unimportant optional files to a single file named Optional Files FOMOD Installer
  • Version 5.9.8

    • Adjusted ImageSpaces so lights stand out more at night. Major thanks to Ronivader for the help with this!
    • Restored bModWorldspaces option in the INI (not fully tested, still experimental).
    • Added optional ESP to disable regional Legion weathers - the INI toggle for this last seen in 5.8.5 was poorly scripted and hits performance.
    • Various fixes and improvements to the ESP, scripts, and config file.
    • Removed some pointless records leftover in the ESP.
    • Fixed minor oversights in a couple worldspace records.
    • TTW: removed edits to the Pitt FX Emittance Weather.
  • Version 5.9.5

    • Resaved some cloud textures that were improperly saved. Updated the performance textures to cover latest version.
    • Increased skin dimmer in main imagespaces, fixed the strip imagespace having the skin dimmer set wrong.
    • Reduced chance of rain and heavy overcast in the mojave.
    • Increased pip-boy light fade value.
    • Cleaned up INI file a bit.
    • Fixed TTW version having a slightly darker heavy overcast weather sunlight value set in the INI compared to the NV version.
  • Version 5.9.1

    • Minor fixes.
    • TTW - Fixed one area having the wrong climate set, thanks hearsegirl for letting me know!
  • Version 5.9

    • This version should hopefully resolve some lighting and performance issues people have been reporting.
    • If any of the following changes are unappealing to you, and you have not noticed issues with version 5.8.5, then there is no need to update. I will be leaving it available under old versions.
    • Worldspace edits to set the climate and imagespaces have been switched to hard edits instead of scripted in order to possibly fix issues with lighting breaking in certain conditions for some users. [Thank you Anro for the advice]
    • For disabling/enabling weathers in the ini, the script no longer reads all the ini values every time a cell is entered. It only checks them on game load or loading a save, as reading from the ini is performance intensive. This should improve loading screen times, but if you disable a weather in game it won't be removed until a save is loaded. [Thank you Anro for the advice]
    • Includes the changes from the former optional file that reduced the amount of edits to light sources, color changes for lights are still present. Their radii are same as Vanilla, as increasing it hits performance in certain areas.
    • Removed the option in the ini that allows DN to take over the climates of mod added worldspaces.
    • Removed the option to disable regioinal weathers in Legion territories.
    • Fixed rainy weathers showing up in Caesar's tent.
  • Version 5.8.5

    • Merged the main file and the update file to make things easier for future users. If you are already on 5.8.5 there is no need to update.
    • Removed the SetWeatherTransitionTimeOverride line in the main script to potentially fix some visual issues in certain regions and DLCs. The transition times for main weathers should still be rather gradual.
    • Fixed the NV version having an unnecessary override flag for weather in the Colorado River region.
    • Set NV version WastelandNV worldspace to use NVCleanWater instead of Potomac, a fix present in TTW and the TTW version. Should fix some visual issues with the water in some areas.
    • Fixed a small oversight with the IMODs in the TTW version for a couple Dead Money weathers.
    • Set Honest Hearts to use NVCleanWater to reduce the effect of water glowing at night in Honest Hearts.
    • Note: If you are still using the old version of Climate Control, replace it with Climate Control NVSE. It also has an optional file for longer weather transitions which should now be properly compatible.
  • Version 5.8

    • Made Honest Hearts not have as much contrast, reduced saturation in HH slightly, and changed up the HH sky colors to not be so washed out.
    • Made OWB a little less dim overall. Adjusted ambient coloring for the OWB weather and the imagespace used there.
    • Made cloudy weathers not have as dim of ambient coloring values.
    • Normalized loudness for thunder sounds.
    • Made sunset horizon color a bit less intense of an orange, and made the upper and lower sky look a bit more natural.
    • Attempt to reduce frequency of thunder sounds in cloudy weathers.
    • Increased the scale of the atmosphere mesh a bit to potentially help a little with z-fighting with it clipping into mountains (vanilla issue).
    • Adjusted nighttime IMODs a bit.
    • Integrated the Zion Vanilla Ambient Music file from Altitude.
    • Reluctantly zipped it up with 7zip (locked, IV'd, cracked) to reduce download size compared to the superior application known as WinRar (egged, keyed, ID'd). 7zip takes forever btw, download WinRar right now. Buy a license for it while you're at it as well.
  • Version 5.7.5

    • Added config options to adjust the cloudy weather night time brightness and sunlight values.
  • Version 5.7

    • Improved imagespaces and imagespace adaptors to improve the overall look. Cloudy, overcast, and sunny IMODs have all been improved.
    • Adjusted nights to have more of a thick feel like earlier versions of this mod.
    • Gave cloudy weathers a unique IMOD for night time.
    • Lightened fog even more for most weathers, and adjusted fog distance on some weathers for some variation.
  • Version 5.6.5

    • Added a new config option to make the default climate play in the Colorado River/Legion territories. Set bNoRegionalWeather = 1 if you want to remove the unique regional weathers in those areas.
    • Fixed NV version not having a check for The Frontier when bModWorldspaces = 1 in the config file.
    • Fixed NV version having CloudyWeather2 off by default in the config file.
  • Version 5.6

    • Adjusted ambient coloring for most NV weathers. Reduces the overall intensity of the orange tint for sunny weathers, and light overcast weathers have a more neutral tone to them.
    • Raised saturation in the imagespace adaptors for sunny weathers and light overcast.
    • Increased sunlight intensity to compensate for new ambient color changes.
    • Raised skin dimmer in the main imagespaces for mojave weathers.
    • Fixed RadiatedWeather5 being unable to be toggled off with SHIFT + DELETE in game.
  • Version 5.5

    • Removed Freesidelight under Lights and adjusted daytime imagespace adaptors to potentially fix the lighting issues some were having on buildings in Freeside. I wasn't able to reproduce it after these changes.
    • Fixed the cell that was supposed to solve conflict with strip lights region fix. I had it as region 219, not 218 which it should be. I had previously had it 218 but switched it to 219 cause I thought it was wrong. There should be no compatibility issues with Strip Lights Region fix once again.
  • Version 5.4.5

    • This update only affects the TTW version. Added a check to make sure Point Lookout doesn't have an imagespace set when bModWorldspaces=1.
    • Added checks for when bModWorldspaces=1 for the TTW version for Alton, Washington's Malevolence, and AWOP FO3 to set the climate to the TTW climate. In version 5.4 it normally only had the Mojave Climate set for mod added worldspaces when this is enabled. If anyone knows of more mods for TTW that add worldspaces let me know.
  • Version 5.4

    • This update should address issues where the climate/weather was broken in mod added worldspaces. There is also a new option in the INI file to make DNW's climate play in these worldspaces. Shouldn't affect The Frontier. Semi experimental, but seems to work fine from limited testing. Note: until I can find a workaround for TTW worldspaces, the climate will be the same as is in the Mojave Wasteland for mod added worldspaces when this is enabled.
  • Version 5.3.5

    • Improved lonesome road imagespace and IMODs a bit.
    • Adjusted mojave imagespace slightly.
    • Bumped up heavy overcast brightness a bit more.
    • Fixed the cell that was supposed to solve conflict with strip lights region fix. I had it as region 218, not 219 which it should be.
  • Version 5.3

    • Added two new wind sounds for more variety and to better suit non overcast weathers, and reduced the overall wind volume to not be so obnoxious by default.
  • Version 5.2.1

    • Fixed crash caused by TTW version.
  • Version 5.2

    • Cleaned up a few weathers having odd cloud choice in my opinion.
    • Made rainy weathers about 40% as frequent in the Mojave, and reduced the chance in the capital wasteland a bit as well.
  • Version 5.1.5

    • Possible fix for the wireframe sort of skydome glitch some users were reporting.
    • Adjusted a few panorama textures.
    • Resaved all the new panoramas just in case they weren't saved properly before.
  • Version 5.1

    • Resaved the uncompressed textures with the proper DDS plugin. Some were saved with the intel plugin which was causing the skydome to glitch out for at least 2 people that I know of.
    • Made and implemented a few more new panoramas.
    • Updated heat haze formlist to accomadate changes in weather styles.
    • Adjusted a couple of the new panoramas from 5.0 to not be as bright.
  • Version 5.0

    • Made and implemented several new panoramic clouds, and improved a couple of the current panoramas.
    • Added a lot more cloud variation between weathers. Changed up the heavy overcast weathers a bit to not be so samey. Made them more visible during the day.
    • Resaved many of the cloud textures as uncompressed to reduce noise or other artifacts. This will increase the file size but improve the overall look.
    • Made fog a good bit lighter. It isn't as brown and dark now, and should blend with the sky better.
    • Reduced pip-boy light intensity a bit (TTW version already had this change, I forgot to carry it over to the NV version).
    • Most weathers that had heavy panoramic clouds with fake sunlight baked into the texture have been changed to utilize new panoramas I made, or other cloud choices.
    • See the new images added for a preview of some of the new clouds.
  • Version 4.8.5

    • Fixed an issue with a black speck that could be seen in one of the cloud textures introduced in 4.8.
    • Improved a few more weathers slightly, increased cloud variation a bit.
    • Bumped up cloudy weather brightness a bit during the day in the config file.
  • Version 4.8

    • Improved several ugly looking Mojave weathers, and improved the Colorado River legion weathers.
  • Version 4.7.6

    • Fixed Gibson scrapyard imagespace switching (issue introduced in 4.7.5). Brought back a couple worldspace edits to fix this.
  • Version 4.7.5

    • Added compatibility for Heat Haze by doodlez. Requires ShowOff NVSE. Still does not require ShowOff NVSE if not using Heat Haze.
    • Adjusted layers in cloud mesh to not be so low, should make the sky feel a bit less squished.
    • Fixed up horizon clouds on a few weathers (these issues with them were not really noticeable before I adjusted the cloud mesh in this update).
    • Thanks to doodlez advice, scripted some of the remaining worldspace edits that were only there for setting ImageSpaces.
  • Version 4.7

    • Reduced daytime sunlight values in the Mojave. It's still brighter than versions 4.5 and below, but not as much as versions after that.
    • Added in the scripts relating to nightvision effects like cateye, friend of the night, etc. from RWL and improved the friend of the night IMODs. Should reduce the issues it had before.
    • Added in the Lonesome Road wind sounds from RWL for the Lonesome Road weathers, to make them feel a bit more unique.
    • Fixed Zion rain weathers having low sunlight values at night. Made them consistent with other weathers.
  • Version 4.6.5

    • Fixed climate in test worldspaces (apparently some people actually use those, I saw Hitman using it in a video and the weather was totally broken, sorry).
    • Further improved sunset and sunrise coloring (clouds, sky, fog etc) overall for heavy clouded weathers for NV and TTW.
    • Carried over the single record from Nehred's Strip Lights Region Fix patch for this mod (doesnt make Region Fix a master), so that patch is no longer needed. (Everyone should use Strip Lights Region Fix IMO)
    • Adjusted nights a bit more, as well as brightened days in the mojave a bit more.
    • Fixed nights being overly dark in heavy overcast weathers.
    • TTW: fixed potential issues with the Pitt emmitance region having the main climate set instead of the emmitance climate.
    • TTW: Vastly improved sunset and sunrise imagespace adaptors.
    • Adjusted sky intensity to be more consistent across different times of day.
  • Version 4.6

    • Added a hotkey to shuffle weathers. Default is SHIFT + BACKSLASH. The key can be changed in the ini.
    • Adjusted fog coloring for sunset and sunrise on some heavy cloudy weathers to blend better with the sky.
    • Raised daytime brightness overall. Things should be less dim.
    • Changed the sunset IMOD tint values to those found in Desert Natural Realism.
  • Version 4.5

    • Improved OWB and Zion overall look and nights. Fixed up fog, ambient, and the imagespace for Zion, and fixed up the imagespace for OWB.
    • Made nights more consistent across DLCs.
    • TTW: improved Point Lookout fog coloring and nights.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Version 4.4

    • Fixed issues with nights being too dark, adjusted the IMODs for them and the INI settings.
    • Improved a large handful of weathers to have better sky coloring and cloud patterns. Should increase weather variety a bit as well. Changed IMODs where appropriate.
    • TTW: adjusted sunset and sunrise IMODs to not be so dark.
    • Improved daytime IMODs for the mojave.
    • Fixed rain sometimes occuring in the Lucky 38 (issue introduced in 4.2).
    • Fixed ambient values being really high at night in Zion. Set them to the ambient values weathers in the main wasteland use. Fixes nights being overly bright in Zion.
  • Version 4.3.2

    • Potential fix for Functional Post Game Ending (FPGE) users to prevent Hoover Dam battle weathers from playing after the battle/game ended.
  • Version 4.3.1

    • TTW: Fixed L'Enfant Plaza issues.


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